Betty L

 To me Casa Pacifica is like family. They help you through stress; they are loving and helpful. They listen to us. I love doing art here and going on field trips. I also really like our gardening group and all the art projects.

Gordon M

I came to Casa Pacifica, because I had a stroke and I had difficulties moving and standing. I was introduced to a number of staff who helped me to recover from my stroke. Casa Pacifica has a program called MOVE, through this program I started to notice much improvement. Staff helped me through Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy, and different activities. Now I can walk and stand. They also helped me emotionally, physically and mentally as well. As a result of the program, I now feel stronger and I’ve also improved my social skills. Without this program I don’t know where I would had been today.

Jim Young

Since coming to Casa Pacifica, I have been working hard to use my time to improve several things in my life.  I have been riding the recumbent bicycle to improve my heart and using the Aerodyne to improve the muscle in my shoulders.

The food portions are just the right amount for keeping my blood sugar even.  That has allowed me to lose around 50 lbs, while I’ve been here, which helped me lower my blood pressure medicine and take less insulin.  Soon I may not be using insulin and control the diabetes with exercise and diet alone.

One of my favorite things to do at Casa Pacifica is taking the English-Spanish class.  While people learn English, I get to learn Spanish from some of nicest people you would want to meet.

I also like to do some of the art puzzles and talking to the clients and staff, even though in the past I would be quiet and keep to myself.  Now, I tend to talk to more people even outside of Casa Pacifica.

I can say that since coming here, that even though I’m in a great deal of pain, throughout the day I go through it with a better attitude.

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