Garden Progress

Our garden is slowly taking shape. Today we added pebbles and some flowering plants.









Garage Sale

Our annual garage sale was a huge hit! Over 200 items were up for grabs. Participants used tickets they earn in program to purchase amazing things! Check out some of the items that were offered.


June is a wonderful month at Casa Pacifica. It is full of celebrations and, as always, fun activities for all of our participants. This month we have already celebrated Filipino Independence Day, had a visit from cute pets from SD Humane Society, played Bingo and did yoga! All this on top of daily exercises and daily psycho-social groups. We are looking forward to celebrating Flag Day, Father’s Day, our annual garage sale, and Beginning of Summer party!


Tips for Living with a Disabled Person

Taking care of a disabled adult may turn family members into caregivers. You may be able to simplify your life by thinking through various places in your house where you will need to assist the disabled person, and organizing those places in such a way as to simplify your task and to provide as much independence and ability to self-care for the disabled person as possible.

One such place is the bathroom. There are multiple devices that can make the process of showering, toileting and caring for oneself simpler and safer:

Shower Needs

An adjustable shower bench or stool will allow showering without needing to stand up.
To make transfers easier, you can get an extra-long bench, so that it can reach outside the bath tub.
If possible, install one or more additional holds that a person can grab for support. No drilling is needed — some of them attach through suction.
You may also need to replace a standard shower head with a handheld shower head with an extra-long house. Such a shower head can be used both by disabled and non-disabled adults.
For toileting needs, get a few spray bottles, like the ones used in the hospital. They cost very little, and will make cleaning up much easier.

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